Friday, March 30, 2012

Wish us luck!

So it's Friday, March 30th and this means exactly one week til my family (mom, sister, my sister's 2 teenage kids and my Godfather/cousin) will be here for a DC visit..ahhhhhh! One more time....AAHHHHH! Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited to see them all and I love them to death but...
1. I have sooo much I need to get done before they get here
2. They are all (except my Godfather/cousin) staying with us (yes, in our tiny townhouse) for 1 whole week.  I think I failed to mention that we have 1 bathroom!
3.  I was only able to get 1 day off from work (I work from home & travel, but most of the time I'm way more swamped when I'm working from home).  So Tater and I will be stuck having a regular busy work week while trying to entertain and spend time with everyone.

I am glad to say that at least everyone gets along (my family loves Tater!).  My mom, sister and I are really close and always have a good time together even though I think we are all 3 different. My niece (16) and nephew (13) are your typical kids.  My niece is miss diva/teenage attitude/too cool to do anything fun with us and my nephew is a clumsy/awkward 13 yr old boy that's all about sports, basketball shoes, etc. My Godfather/cousin is actually just visiting for the weekend.   Everyone loves him....he's great and a lot of fun.

Anyways, I need to take a deep breath and get back to my To Do list! Wish us luck...I'm sure it's going to be a fun, hilarious, stressful and tiring 7 days with the fam!  Stay tuned for an update on how the week actually ends up!

Happy Friday!


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