Saturday, April 21, 2012

Teenagers! Bunnies! And Babies! OH MY!

Soooo quite a bit has gone on since our last post...

Of course the big event was my family staying with us for a week.   It was a roller coaster of joy and wanting to rip your hair out...from teaching them how to travel the Metro system (Mom gave up in 2.6 seconds), dealing with bratty teenage kids (wanting everything, wearing their pants below their butt, not wanting to do anything but watch tv, etc), hearing everyone fuss every day about walking too much and the traffic being so having them experience the changing of the guards at Arlington Cemetery, taking them to Ben's Chili Bowl and Matchbox, finding cool/different items at the Eastern Market and having good times, joking together and making great memories! We had was great having us all together, but we're happy to have our house back!! Oh and poor Tater had a really rough week with her job/internship (long hours and projects).  I felt really bad, but once again she gets "The Best GF Award"! This time for being super sweet and entertaining to the fam while being exhausted and stressed all week!

And while they were here, it was discovered that the random bare patches of grass in our backyard is from a family of bunnies! Well let me back up a second...a few weeks ago I noticed a rather large rabbit in our fenced in backyard.  I took a picture to prove it to everyone and then he showed up on Easter Sunday...perfect timing!  We thought we only had that one and then I received texts from my sister while I was working that went kinda like this...Sister "There's a BABY bunny in your yard!!!" Me"Aww! No way!?" Sister "Now there are 2 baby bunnies!!  They are multiplying!" Me "Oh great! Keep the dogs inside!" (as I'm typing this the dogs are all whining and staring at a baby bunny through the back door).

Speaking of multiples...Tater was working in the NICU while my family was in town and she was able to work with a set of triplets (2 boys, 1 girl).  Let me let you all know that we've been talking about having kids in our future together and we both REALLY want children, but recently I've been picking at Tater that I have this crazy feeling that we're going to end of with multiples.  This idea has had Tater a little freaked freaked out that I received a random panicked text message from Tater a few days after working the NICU that said "If we're going to have triplets we need to come up with at least SIX name combinations that we both agree on!!! This is making me panic!" and of course I laughed hysterically! :)

So a few nights later over a bottle of wine at Old Ebbitt Grill and the subsequent barely-conscious Metro ride home, we began formulating ideas in our Sauvignon Blanc-infused minds about the perfect baby names.  Who isn't more creative after a few glasses?  We came up with a whopping two names that we both really like and agree on.  They're both paired with solid middle names we also like, and we've pre-determined nicknames for these someday-kids, too.  But obviously we still have some major work to do in the family planning department.

Perhaps we should discuss this over some mimosas and Bloody Mary's after the 8-mile run we're about to embark on...?


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