Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Ho Ho Ho (Ho)!" From our Furry Family

I am so lucky to be loved by such an amazing crew of cute cuddly fur babies.  They all wanted to say "Merry Christmas" this morning :)




~Kiki (the biggest challenge of all!)

Hope you're enjoying a day with the ones you love (furry or not!)
<3 Lacey  

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Happenings Keep on Happening!

I hate apologies for delayed posting, but here is another one from me! *Sorry*

On to the happenings in our life lately!

1. Kim went on a business trip the week before Thanksgiving and it gave me the perfect opportunity!  The opportunity to plot, and, most importantly, shop alone.  I've been wanting to write this particular update for some time, but wanted to wait until we got pictures to share.  Doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon, so here goes!

I picked Kimmy up from the airport after some flight delays (lame!  I was excited!!!).  If she hadn't gotten home late I was going to take her to do a little mini spa trip before brunch with friends, but instead, I greeted her at the airport with a little bunch of flowers.

Not very clear (I was driving and not being safe!), but isn't she just adorable with her little flowers?

With those flowers was a little note that said something about an "adventure" (I really need to find those cards for a better recap!) and Kim freaked out "But I need to go to the bathroom!  I can't go on an adventure!"  I told her to calm down, we're only going to brunch and then having friends over to watch some football.

We had a great brunch with great friends, and when we were done I told Kim we needed to stop at Whole Foods really quick before heading home.  That gave our friends an opportunity to get to our house before us.  When we finally got home I acted like I was getting the mail while she went to let our friends inside who were "impatiently" waiting at the front door.  On the front door I had stuck another little note.  The note led her inside to find about 8-10 more notes and a few more bunches of flowers.  Biggie, our lab, even had a clue around his neck.  She eventually ended up on our front step, where she had proposed to me, and I gave her the ring that I was able to pick out while she was gone.  Of course she said she'd "marry me back" as I asked her, and she looks soooooooooo pretty with that ring around her finger!
It was fun to have our girlfriends there to take pictures and squeal with us :)  Hopefully we can get some of those pics up here soon!

Ain't she purdy?
2.  We got to celebrate our first Thanksgiving in our new house!  It was soooooo nice to be able to share that time together and start planning our new family traditions.  Having some time together also really reminded me how much I love the amazing woman I get to spend the rest of my life with.  We had a great time sharing good drinks and good food.  Yummmm!

Kimmy even wore an apron!  Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuah!
3. I finally took and passed my RD exam (a major contributing factor to my being detached from the world for so long!).  So, now I'm a real dietitian with lots of letters after my name.  I spent way too much time studying, but I was glad to pass it on the first try.

4. I had a birthday.  Now I'm the big two-eight (as old as Kim for almost a whole month!).

5. We got all prepped up for the holidays, picked out a tree (not the one Kimmy's holding, that one was just cute and little like her!), and hung our stockings.
 Look at that cute little Kimmy-sized tree!
Decorating for our first holiday season in our new house!
6. Kim is on a trip right now to go visit her family in South Carolina for the holidays.  It wouldn't be much fun for her to stick around here while I have to go in to work for Christmas tomorrow.  I don't want to complain about the working, I think it is very nice what we do (hand out fruit baskets to all of the patients who are stuck in the hospital on the holiday), but it sure would be nice to come home and have a nice dinner with my loved ones!*  I am banking my Karma from this year, though... I fully expect someone else to work on the first Christmas when I have kids :) 
*Note: I am so happy I have such a loving furry little family to come home to after work tomorrow.  They are amazing and I am loving all this time with them over the long weekend!
....Oh, and I am also very thankful my whole workweek will be made up of half days.  THAT is awesome :)
...ANDDDDDD I'm very excited to have our own little Christmas when Kim gets back.  Why does it seem like I'm always waiting for her to get back from things?!

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Man!