Monday, October 29, 2012

June Cleaver and Rosie The Riveter

A few last minute costume ideas turned out to be a big hit!  

Lace was able to make a great June Cleaver with some fabric, sewing machine and a Goodwill trip!  She even had a platter in her purse to "serve" candy to everyone.

I was Rosie The Riveter for about $25 total with only a Goodwill and fabric store trip!

We didn't have big plans, but just to find a fun bar that was having a Halloween Bash of some sort.  We met up with some friends to watch our poor Auburn Tigers get slaughtered by Texas A&M.  Then we checked out the gay bar next door.  

I had no idea Rosie the Riveter was going to be such a big hit.  Lacey made me sign up for the costume contest and I managed the get 5th place.  People loved our costumes! 

Now that this Hurricane is heading our way...we sadly had to take down our Halloween decorations and the rest of our outside items.  Bought a few bags of ice, food to survive a power outage and of course some booze!  I have a feeling we're going to get lucky and only get some rain and wind.  I really hope nothing bad happens to anyone but it's really hard for me to get worried about storms.  Especially since I grew up in Charleston, SC.
Unfortunately, Lacey had to go into work today and they are keeping her there overnight....booo! So it looks like it's just me and the animals holding down the house for the night!

Stay safe and I hope Sandy doesn't mess up everyone's Halloween!

~Rosie The Riveter

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So it's official....WE'RE ENGAGED!!!

Answer: She obviously said yes!
Ring:  My grandmother's ring that I inherited
Location:  On the front step of our new house
Wedding: Sometime in 2013
Who proposed to who and why: We don't have any rules or "roles" when it comes to this stuff.  It was whoever popped the question first.  I already had a ring to give her (we both will wear engagement rings) and since I don't do well with surprises (I always ruin them)...I secretly decided that I would make sure I'd propose first!

Preparation and planning...

The carved pumpkins were probably my 4th or 5th idea!  This idea was more controllable and in my hands.  I was so nervous that something wouldn't work out!!

I was able to work on these guys all morning (ps - I ruined one poor pumpkin and had to go out and find a needless to say, we'll be eating a lot of roasted pumpkin seeds).  Thank goodness for the days I'm able to work from home!

I took both the pumpkins outside to clean them and I accidentally broke off the center piece of the U...before I could even reach down to pick it up to try to add it back on with a lab mix was already eating it! Beast!!

Anyways,  I sat in front of them as Lacey pulled in from work. She had no idea until she walked up to the front porch.  4 watering eyes, so many tight hugs, tons of kisses, at least 20 OMGs and 1 big yes!

We couldn't be happier!


Monday, October 15, 2012


-Bought a new house
-Moving & unpacking...ugh!
-Painting, DIY projects, yard maintenance & 2398 trips to Home Depot!
-Weekend visitors
-Dog sitting for 2 weeks
-Flag football season & a sprained ankle to go with it
-Trying to cope with Auburn's horrible horrible horrible football season

To say the least...things have been a little hectic lately, but it's been a blast!  Now things are finally starting to settle in and a daily routine is slowly coming together.

We will be working on revamping our poor blog now!  So look out for more pictures & posts (especially some before's & after's of the house and projects)!  OH and I'm hoping to post some BIG NEWS very soon!!!!