Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So it's official....WE'RE ENGAGED!!!

Answer: She obviously said yes!
Ring:  My grandmother's ring that I inherited
Location:  On the front step of our new house
Wedding: Sometime in 2013
Who proposed to who and why: We don't have any rules or "roles" when it comes to this stuff.  It was whoever popped the question first.  I already had a ring to give her (we both will wear engagement rings) and since I don't do well with surprises (I always ruin them)...I secretly decided that I would make sure I'd propose first!

Preparation and planning...

The carved pumpkins were probably my 4th or 5th idea!  This idea was more controllable and in my hands.  I was so nervous that something wouldn't work out!!

I was able to work on these guys all morning (ps - I ruined one poor pumpkin and had to go out and find a needless to say, we'll be eating a lot of roasted pumpkin seeds).  Thank goodness for the days I'm able to work from home!

I took both the pumpkins outside to clean them and I accidentally broke off the center piece of the U...before I could even reach down to pick it up to try to add it back on with a lab mix was already eating it! Beast!!

Anyways,  I sat in front of them as Lacey pulled in from work. She had no idea until she walked up to the front porch.  4 watering eyes, so many tight hugs, tons of kisses, at least 20 OMGs and 1 big yes!

We couldn't be happier!


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