Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black & Blue

Shrimp and I have been busy enjoying the gorgeous ebb and flow of DC weather (I cannot BELIEVE I didn't take a single picture while we ran through the monument, past the blooming cherry blossoms to the Eastern Market), working, biking to work (again, that gorgeous DC weather!), working and working.

Shrimp happens to work from home.  Usually that means a lot less home and a lot more working.  In the last few days, though, she found a fun blog by fellow DC blogger Jess at Jess Runs.  We were glancing through some of Jess' posts tonight when we came across the one about her first bike crash.  Ouch!  Glad she is ok!  I managed my first crash before I got to the end of the block my first day on the bike.  That takes grace :)

And that brought up the conversation of somehow during a freak snowstorm a couple months ago we were walking home and, somewhere along the way, Shrimp managed to get a big ol' bruise where the sun don't shine!  To be fair, I wound up with some gnarly unexplained bruises on my knees, too.  And Shrimp said...

"Let's just get this clear... if we were blogging when I bruised my butt you WOULD NOT be putting a picture of it online."

Now all I really want to do is post a pic of that nasty bruise.

As I type this, she just keeps saying "No!"  Ugh... oh well :)


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