Friday, March 9, 2012

What a Real Kitchen Looks Like

I had a fairly low stress Friday at work, Shrimp still has her nose to the grindstone (crappy thing about working from home!), the dogs are fed and I'm Facebooked out for the night.  Anyone else would probably flip on the TV, go for a long walk (update on DC area weather: GORGEOUS!) or call up another buddy and head out for a few drinks.

I decided to make some soup "from scratch" (the loosest use of term I could ever imagine) again.  That meant I threw a can of crushed tomatoes & basil in the blender with milk and heated it up on the stove.

About half the pictures on my phone are of food.  Generally this is food I have prepared.  I have a confession, though.  It's not always pretty (gasp!).  Compact that with the fact that our kitchen is smaller than most of my friends' closets (and includes our washer and drier), and you get the following...

Step 1: Make a mess in your already-messy kitchen just by opening a canned good. (Check).

Lesson 1: Totally go with low sodium tomatoes if you want to embark on this "recipe."  
This soup probably turned out saltier than Campbell's.

Step 2: Manage to get crumbs and "soup" splatter everywhere.  Think about cleaning it up, get distracted by something in the other room, and return to a foamy overflowing pot.

Lesson 2: Let's be honest here, I will never learn from this, and will continue to be an absent-minded cook.
Note to self: The clock is still over a half hour off from the last power outage.  
Consider changing with daylight savings this weekend.  Or consider keeping the same.  Meh.

Step 3: Grate fresh Parmesan to make it look like you put effort into the meal.  Take a picture of the not-so-attractive product.  Scald tongue trying to finally eat something before it cools.
Lesson 3: Meh.  At least it's better than take out.

Clearly my food photography, kitchen design, attention span and Friday nights need some work.


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