Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wrapping up 2012

Happy 2013, y'all!

Kimmy made it back safely from her trip home.  We had a lovely evening to ourselves to exchange a few gifts, and charged headfirst into the new year.

In the days following her return we attacked a few things that had been on our list for quite some time.  We FINALLY got the basement in order, which included setting up our new "gym."  That gave us a great new space to start tackling the next thing on our list: Insanity.  Side note: we can barely walk!  We very much look forward to some "beach bodies" in about 63 days :)  Tonight we will complete the 3rd workout.  Ouch.

We finally got to have a mini get-together at our house to help ring in the new year last night.  I cannot believe we both failed to take a picture of the spread we planned for our friends, but, if the cook does say so herself, it was absolutely delicious and all homemade. Yum.  Garlicy cheeseburger sliders on fresh baked buns with caramelized onions, beer & cheese fondue (more garlic), hummus with a kick (even more garlic), fried cheesy buffalo chicken wontons, and melon with prosciutto.  We definitely ate ourselves into the new year!  Nomnomnomnom.

Of course we had great company, between each other, all our furry roommates, and our guests :)

The beautiful women who helped us ring in 2013
We were having so much fun Kim and I forgot to get a solo picture together, AGAIN! 

Surprisingly, despite being dead tired by about 2pm, we made it all the way to midnight and beyond, watched the ball drop, had ourselves a good smooch, and made our way to bed with a glass of water and a couple ibuprofen.

We awoke this morning very much alive and made it to a pajama brunch with our friends, hit up the bookstore, and fell asleep watching a movie... as all new years should begin!

Balancing things out for the recovery

Happy 2013!

A pic of our house during the first snow that "stuck."

Wintery love from the Fifth House on the Left!

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