Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

Ever planned a wedding in the DC area?  If so, you would find yourself deciding whether you will wait fifteen years to have children and having your ceremony and reception at one of the popular local venues.

We don't want to wait fifteen years to have kids.  So, that has left us looking for alternatives.  Hmmmmmmm... Where could we possibly host a wedding for our family and friends, but not completely blow every dollar we have and put ourselves in $major debt$?

My first thought was the back yard.  Kim has all but vetoed that idea.  As much as we love the big tree and everything, she just doesn't see it as practical and beautiful (insert sad face) for a ceremony.

I was at a loss... I really want to get married in Maryland now that it is legal here, but all of the historical buildings cost $1000+ for a few hours on the weekend and have a bunch of crazy restrictions about food and alcohol service, insurance, permitting and licensing... They kind of kill the joy of wanting to do anything celebratory!

And then yesterday I got off work at 8am after a 24+ hour shift, took a nap, and found myself with some time to explore the local area.  I loaded up one of the little dogs and drove a few short miles down to Fort Washington Park, a historic Civil War fort.  Let me tell you, this place is cool AND beautiful!  After texting a few pictures to Kimmy and relaying the fact that a permit for an event at a National Park is only $50, Kim was sold :)  She loves that being down by the water reminds her of her hometown, Charleston, and the Civil War heritage also reminds her of her Southern roots.  I love that it is cool, an unlikely spot, and picture perfect!

 A view of Fort Washington down by the water.  I took this with my iPhone on a cool/cheap app called "Photosynth." 
 I definitely recommend it when you're taking touristy pics or setting up a "photo tour" for something.

One details down a million to go!  I am still lobbying for the reception at our house.  We aren't planning to have many guests and I think we could make it warm, inviting and fun for our friends and family.  Am I crazy?

Happy Tuesday!

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