Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Digit Temps & No Power...Thanks, Derecho Storm!

Last Friday night, Tater and I made last minute plans for a little date together down in Adams Morgan at Rumba Cafe (this tiny place has fantastic tapas and strong mojitos!).  We don't get to do DC dates very often so it was great to have some time together!  We kept it simple, had a few drinks and headed back home to get some sleep for our early morning 8k race in Leesburg, VA the next day.

5:00am came around...I climbed out of bed and soon realized we had no power...ugh!  I get downstairs to let the dogs out to eat and something doesn't seem right in our backyard.  By the way, I am so blind without my contacts so I yell at Tater to take a look our the window to see what's up.  Sure enough, part of our fence was down, our big grill was knocked over and our fig tree was all messed up (yea, all that and still I couldn't see it with out my contacts!).  When did this happen?  Why didn't we wake up?  I didn't even know it was supposed to rain and here it looks like a hurricane came through our neighborhood!  We were both baffled and laughing that we had no idea this went on in the middle of the night.

We quickly checked the news (what would we do without iphones?!) and saw that over 400,000 homes are without power in the DC/MD/VA area because of this so called Derecho Storm! AND...the power company states it will be 3-7 days before power will be restored! What!? Time to drag out the big cooler...

Gas stations were either out of gas, out of power or had a line of cars waiting 20-30 minutes to fill up.  We loaded up our huge cooler and drove around awhile and grabbed the last 4 small bags of ice in our area!  This poor guy ran in looking for ice right after we bought ours and Tater gladly gave him a bag (yea, she's good people)!

Once we got home and stocked the cooler with beer, sandwich meat, bread, cheese, water, etc then we were good to go!  Thankfully, we are laid back, don't watch much tv and are completely comfortable without power....except for the 3 digit temperature outside.  We managed to stay cool by sleeping downstairs with the windows open at night, hanging out in Barnes & Nobles during the day along with everyone else and of course sitting in the shade outside with a cold beer! Don't get me wrong, it was pretty miserable and uncomfortable with this crazy heat....but we survived and as of 4:00pm this monday evening...we finally have our power back!
 Slumber party downstairs with the pups!

This storm was horrible and we are very fortunate to not have any major damage.  Sadly, there were a few deaths, cars crushed and roofs damaged from this freak storm.  So keep the few states that were effected in your thoughts!  I hope everyone had a safe weekend....stay cool and extra safe during this holiday week!
Huge tree limb down right by our townhouse!

Some guy's poor least he has a sense of humor "For Sale, Recently lowered"

Wow and we slept through all this?!



  1. Yeah, sleeping though all that that is kinda weird. Seriously, someone could break into your house and your wouldn't even know. Although you have your dogs so that's a good thing!
    Glad you both are well and survived the heat.

  2. I'm really not surprised that I slept through that mess, but Tater usually wakes up to anything! We're just glad nothing major happened to us. Hope all is well in your area!