Sunday, July 29, 2012

The End is Near... And the Beginning is in Sight!

I am so happy to be back home with Shrimp and all these furry creatures.  Two weeks without my girl and my pups was about enough to make me go crazy.  I even missed the cat, despite our tenuous relationship.  Although it was fun getting to play with babies and teach all sorts of different groups about nutrition (and have someone take out my garbage, make my bed, replace my towel every day), I am content to be back under the roof of this little cramped townhouse for the time being.

With this little trip to North Carolina I have officially completed my internship rotations.  Yes, I can see the finish line!  The "first final draft" of my research manuscript is due bright and early tomorrow morning (need to get cracking on that one!), then I have 5 weeks of repolishing, defending, presenting, etc.  After that I head out into the forest and figure out how to set up a kitchen for a disaster, try to formulate tube-feedings from everyday foods, and play Girl Scouts (not Boy Scouts, we know their stance on people like us) for a week and a half with all my classmates from grad school, and then we GRADUATE!  After we graduate we move on and leave grad school and internships behind us.  This cannot happen soon enough!

Throughout all this craziness is we are to close on our house (I don't know who is more excited, Shrimp, me, or the dogs... we haven't yet told the cat), and move.  We're hoping to have the movers come in and pick everything up ASAP so we don't have as much to clean and maintain over the next couple months/  We'll have them hold on to everything until I'm gone playing in the forest.  We're hoping this gives us a week or two in the empty house to get in and make sure everything is clean to our standards, put a little paint on some of the walls, and do some projects before the house gets full of all our stuff.  That's the plan... assuming we close on time :)


For your visual pleasure...

So excited to add over 1000 square feet of living space to our lives...
and a functional kitchen, nice, big fenced yard, and a neighborhood we love!

This is the point at which it is ok for Shrimp to start hating me. 
While she was at home working hard I was playing with babies, talking to people about food and zip lining.

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