Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Poor Neglected Blog

Internship, crazy work schedules, looking for a place to live, laundry, errands all weekend because we don't have time during the week, great times with friends, DC Pride, lack of sleep, LAUNDRY, friends/family coming into town and more laundry....a few reasons why our poor blog has been neglected.  We knew 2012 would be a fun filled crazy year but wow...I cannot wait til 2013 when we can both finally breathe again and a little more settled.

Just recently we even decided to start getting up at 4:45a so we can have at least 1 hr to do whatever we want before the day swallows us whole.  That one little hour is usually filled with coffee, breakfast and/or either 1. both of us with our laptops catching up on emails, news and facebook 2. catching up on housework 3. "us" time (maybe that's TMI, but hey...we gotta fit in some love & affection somewhere into our crazy lives right now!).  I did think that this 4:45a craziness would last 3 days but we've been pretty good about it for the past 2-3 wks.  I actually enjoy it...not having to rush outta bed as soon as the alarm goes off and to have time to wake up before I officially start my day has been great! 

So anyways....sorry for the long absence from the blog, but we will add a 4th option for our morning and that will be blog time! 



  1. What, don't tell me that I'm seriously the first one to ever comment on your site? I feel so honored! Does it comes with a cash prize. Just askin'!
    I like your idea of waking up at that time. But you two are in the City. Don't City Folk go to bed around Midnight?
    I just saw your comment on my blog and decided to drop on in.
    I'll be following! So be interesting and don't get too wordy. That's my job! And I don't even like re-reading my own posts.
    Your New Friend, m.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and yes you are one of the great few that have commented. We just haven't really established our blog yet, but we will soon enough (and then we'll talk about cash prizes!!). Looking forward to your family's updates....they're definitely entertaining and looks like there's never a dull moment!