Friday, February 17, 2012

Our genius Ikea project (one of many)!

Well lately it seems like we are on our way to having an Ikea furniture/items filled house so why not go all out and give the cat an Ikea litter box, right?

 Inspired by something like this that we saw in a SkyMall catalog.

We got a great deal on a storage bench with 3 compartments in the "As-Is" Ikea section a few months ago. The genius idea that made us break down and purchase this was "We could so make one compartment hold (HIDE!) a litter box for the cat and we'll be litter box "free"! So we purchased it and spent a solid 30 minutes trying to make this huge box fit in Tater's Honda...which ended up w/ me in a super uncomfortable awkward position smashed under the heavy box and Tater laughing in the driver's seat.

Now, this piece of furniture sat in the box in the spare room for at least a month.  It wasn't until we found out that Tater's mom would be staying with us for a few days that I decided to put this thing together for her to have a place to put her stuff while she was here. So of course the morning of her arrival I started working on this project.  A few hours later it was all done even if I had a few pieces left over (crazy Ikea instructions...I mean who really knows how to read those things correctly?!) it looked great!

 A few months pass by....still a great piece of furniture in our spare room, but still haven't had the time to turn it into a fully functional piece with a hidden cat box!

Then one February evening, after a few mimosas, we decided to pull out the Dremel Tater's mom bought us (best house warming gift ever!) and get started on this project!

After several broken dremel blades, more mimosas, a hand saw, mallet and determination we (mainly Tater) successfully cut out a square opening in the side of this wonderful Ikea wooden storage bench...and we immediately say "This damn cat is gonna have the coolest s!@* box in town"!"

 Tater thinking this is going to be a piece of cake.

 Me hard at work wearing my "safety goggles."

  We even made her a ramp.  We were so excited after we cleaned up our mess and put her litter box in the compartment and shut the door...surely this cat is going to love this!  NO.....not at all!  She. Hates. It! So now the litter box just sits beside it...FAIL!

After all that work and planning of our amazing idea...I'm just hoping she warms up to it soon!  If not...then like Tater says "Well, we can just put a blanket in the compartment and she'll have a really neat place to sleep and we'll be really sweet cat owners for making her a comfy hideout."

We'll keep our fingers crossed and start planning our next home improvement project...over mimosas of course.



  1. Ikea is always better with booze! They just put all those extra parts in to screw with the Americans ;)

  2. Ha! I'm glad we're not the only ones who think that!