Saturday, February 25, 2012

Falling up escalators is part of falling in love

We had an awesome weekend last week.  I mean awesome.  It didn't have to do with any big event, just all the little small things we love that make us "us."

We headed out early on Saturday for a run on the National Mall.  BEAUTIFUL!  You could not possibly ask for nicer weather in February.  Running past the monuments and then to the White House with the sun shining, not even needing long sleeves was amazing.  We like to jog through the crowds and gossip about what might be going on with the families and other couples, etc. who we pass.  It's kind of our thing.

Chillin' in front of the Washington Monument during our run... 
"Excuse me!  Random tourist!  Can you please take our picture?!"

Then we hopped on the metro and headed to the Eastern Market for the first time.  I.  Am.  Hooked.  The atmosphere, people and families walking around with their dogs, vendors, artists, FOOD everywhere, was great.  We did a quick walk-through (we intentionally only brought as much cash as we could strap to our arms with our running gear and no cards), then sat down for lunch at a little Italian Cafe.


It was almost like being in Italy again.  (Sigh.  Can I study abroad again?  Those we the days!)  Small tables.  Awesome, fresh food.  People outside enjoying themselves.  I love the sidewalk feel, I only wish all this was closer to our townhouse! 

We decided to head out and spend the night at home with a couple movies.  On the way out of the metro, I challenged Shrimp to a jog UP the DOWN escalator.  I made it to the top, she wasn't so lucky.  She made it almost all the way to the top before... yeah, I bet you can imagine what happened.  Her foot slipped and she was sprawled out clinging to the top of the escalator.  I should have thought immediately, "Oh!  She's probably hurt!  I should help her!"  But instead, I laughed.  Hysterically.  I found it freaking hilarious.  She somehow managed to roll onto her back while the escalator was still running under her butt, holding her knee and (so you know I'm not a horrible girlfriend) laughing at herself.  Turns out she was only hurt a little bit.  She has a nasty bruise now, but the marks from the teeth of the escalator didn't last too long!  The fact that she was able to laugh it off just reminded me why I love her so much :)

And then we headed home... have I mentioned we're foodies?  I freaking love food.  I take pictures of my food all the time.  It's way prettier than most landscapes.  Before we started the movie (Beginners - different than I thought it would be but the dog and the deceased gay dad are super cute!) I decided to try my hand at homemade potato and bacon soup.  I didn't have a recipe, but it is definitely a new favorite.  Yum.  Again.  I know this will make you want to come to dinner at Your New Neighbors' house...

My homemade potato & bacon soup.  You may notice it's in an Ikea bowl.  Surprised?

With our bellies full of the deliciousness you see above, we both ended up passing out early and didn't even make it to movie #2 :)

Now it's another weekend and we're about to head out the door to explore what (food) makes this nation so great!  Let's hope Groupon treats us well :)


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