Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mojitos & Masterpieces

We set out yesterday with the mission of exploring Adams Morgan and its cultural oddities while enjoying food (as usual).  After hitting a couple shops that smelled like my brother's high school basement bedroom and looked like my grandmother's attic converted to a hookah bar, we decided to fill our bellies with some tapas at Rumba Cafe.  I love remembering Groupons I purchased months earlier, then it feels like free lunch!  The food was great (I absolutely loved the ceviche and Shrimp loved everything) and the mojitos weren't half bad.  We wanted to explore the area a little more after we finished, but all the bottomless drink brunches were over, Madam's Organ doesn't open until 5pm, and the weather was NOT quite as comfortable as last weekend.  Instead we stopped in at Tryst to grab some coffee and a slice of carrot cake, but there were no seats.  And no sign of any seats coming available (as evidenced by the presence of several small gaggles of people trying to look sly while eyeballing every Macbook-using, coffee-drinking creature in the place).  So, we got it to go... this would make great dessert later!

On the way home Shrimp spotted a grocery store we hadn't yet visited.  As foodies, we've been on the hunt for the perfect grocer since moving to the DC area and haven't quite found it yet.  But this little place was great!  Shrimp reports a scarey restroom situation, but the produce (and most else) was so cheap, there were at least three cute older gay men couple, ("Tom!  Tom!  I found the jelly aisle!"), a whole mess of adorable little (well-behaved) children, and an AUBURN fan (insert obligatory WAR EAGLE! here).  Yep, we stopped and talk to the Auburn fan.  That's how we roll.  After filling our hippie granola re-usable grocery bag we hit the liquor store and headed on home.

Immediately upon walking through the front door I whipped up a pitcher of mojitos (what can I say, I was inspired!).  We griddled up some sirloin burgers, and finished up the first disc of Modern Family's first season.  It is a terrifying series.  Not scary in the traditional sense, scary in the oh-my-god-this-is-too-much-like-real-life sense.  I hardly watch TV anymore (save for college football.... War Eagle... again), but I absolutely recommend this show to anyone who wants to feel normal :)  The mojitos helped me feel better about it too.

 Good drinks and good company.  Like my mojito-stache?  I love Urban Outfitters!

Then it was project time.  Yep, Saturday night and these exciting girls decided to try their hand at exciting internet-inspired, hallway-quality art.  I gathered all the acrylic paint and canvas in the house, and we sat down with (more) mojitos to make things happen.  But the yellow paint was dry. Oh no!  Our night was practically ruined!  Not to fear, there is a craft store about two miles from our place that is open until 9pm, and I managed to save the day.

We made it through most of the project with lots of laughs and limited "I suck at thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis"es from Shrimp :)  She downright enjoyed herself, until she got tired and tipsy and just wanted to go to bed.

Shrimp, aka Picasso, hard at work on her masterpiece

And at the end, we had beautiful art!

The final products... Shrimp's on the left, mine on the right.

Like I said, hallway-quality!

Don't be confused, we didn't intentionally hang our art at 11pm when we finished, there are these two GIANT screws with anchors in the wall that we just don't feel the need to pull, but are always looking for something to hide them with.  This week, OWLS!

In the end we forgot the carrot cake even existed until crawling into bed last night, so cake for breakfast?  It's about that time!

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