Sunday, August 26, 2012

"They don't know who they're dealing with..." Another Trip to Home Depot

Another day closer to home ownership... maybe.

We stopped by the house this afternoon to take a look at the work that's been done.  We're supposed to have our final walk-through tomorrow, but there have been some issues with the work we've seen along the way.  So, we wanted to be prepared for what to expect.  Closing has already been delayed almost a week, and, if it weren't for our urging, we suspect things would have been accomplished even more slowly.

Again, we were disappointed with what we saw (sad face!!!).  A very simple drainage issue has been botched (again!), and it is obvious from the ground that some small holes in the siding on the second floor have not been touched.  I'm beginning to get concerned that they haven't paid attention to any of the things in the post-inspection contract addendum.  Don't get me wrong, if the investor would have said "No, those are things we aren't willing to do," when we originally requested them after the inspection, we would be cool with some sort of compromise, but these are things they agreed to have accomplished.

So, of course, we headed to Home Depot (again!).  I am bound and determined to inspect every contractual line-item with my own eyes.  How will I do that?  With a ladder... A very.big.ladder.  It's an investment, right?

After huffing and puffing out our frustrations (my Shrimp is thinking about seriously giving the realtor a piece of her mind about the whole thing nice and early tomorrow -- eek!  My easy-going Kimmy is M-A-D mad!), we headed to the ladder section of the store, where we haggled over features and reviews for a good 30+ minutes.  We settled on a 16-foot extension ladder for the time being, just to make sure I can get up on the roof.  It's quite comical seeing it filling up the entire length of Kim's Honda Element (I'd throw a pic up if it weren't raining and dark).

"They must think they're dealing with a couple little girls who don't know any better."
"They don't know who they're dealing with... they're dealing with LESBIANS!"
"They're dealing with ARMY lesbians who know better and come with tool."  (actual conversation)

We had a good laugh at ourselves... but it's true.  We may not be contractors, but it's pretty hard to pull the wool over our eyes.  They're going to hate my ladder, level, measuring tape, and camera... I can just feel it!  We fully plan to re-do the drainage issue ourselves after seeing them botch it multiple times, but at this point I can't see signing the closing papers if they can't manage to re-hang a gutter properly, patch a couple holes in siding and the roof, and the other somewhat minor things on our list.  It just makes us question the quality of work that might have gone on under the "skin" they put on this property to flip it.

Now, I need another glass of wine.

<3 Your ladder-toting new neighbor,

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